Announcing TRANSOCEAN SURGE BLUE,a fragrance from RISINGWAVE capturing the dueling opposites of time on and off the clock

Fits Corporation K.K. (Minato-ward, Tokyo; CEO: Yasuhiro Togashi) will release on Saturday, July 29, 2017 TRANSOCEAN SURGE BLUE eau de toilette, a new product in its RISINGWAVE TRANSOCEAN line launched in 2016. SURGE BLUE follows on the heels of the popular RISINGWAVE TRANSOCEAN fragrance, a collaborative effort with Japan’s well-known Seiko Watch Corporation.

RISINGWAVE is part of the RISINGWAVE TRANSOCEAN series that pursues “strength and sexiness” in fragrances suited to Japanese men. The series shares the “dueling opposites” concept of TRANSOCEAN diver’s watches that feature both full-fledged diving specs and designs well matched to business situations. The fragrance series equally accommodates days off the clock spent strolling the seashore and days at work spent professionally handling business.


There is only one fragrance that captures both the vast expansiveness of the ocean and the presence of a shining, sparkling metropolis.
This fragrance instills the confidence needed for a man to slip between these two worlds.
It is a masculine fragrance that is simultaneously nuanced and powerful.


Tones of soft light played out by calm water.
The entire illuminated surface shines, renewing the world.
The softly enveloping galbanum green aroma evokes the sexiness of a strong man.
Unparalleled fruity marine notes of moisture are accented by transparent muguet (lily-of-the-valley).

Aroma profile: fruity marine notes
  • TOP:apple, peach, bergamot,galbanum green
  • MIDDLE: rose, muguet, raspberry
  • LAST:white musk, sandalwood


①Bottle color
The gradations of translucent blue signify the depths of the ocean and capture the moment that a diver descends into the watery expanse.

②Package design
Uses the image of a very translucent ocean background with the sun’s sparkling rays piercing the water.
The type of blue chosen for use here has been very carefully devised after many repeated tests.
It is a special color created for the man who refuses to compromise.
The plates on either side of the package are made using extremely luminent material in a process similar to that for crafting mirrors.

Product overview

[Brand name] RISINGWAVE
[Product name] TRANSOCEAN SURGE BLUE eau de toilette
[Volume] 50 mL [Price] 3,000 yen (tax excluded) [Launch date] Saturday, July 29, 2017
[online store] https://effe.fits-japan.com/shopping/lp.php?p=rwto2
[Official website] http://www.risingwave.jp/
[Facebook] https://www.facebook.com/FITS.RISINGWAVE
[Risingwave by Fits(ライジングウェーブ)]
[Twitter] @risingwave_jp
[Instagram] @risingwave_jp