I wear clothes, fragrances and decide how I want to be.

Change the fragrances like changing clothes.
Wear the gentleness that is close to us.
Feel the comfort with your current mood.

The quality and comfort of the scent.
Essences originated from nature to become closer to your true self.
Leave behind complicated values, believe in your sensibility and you will be pleased with your body and heart.

This is surely what seizing the moment is.
A more wonderful “you” will be waiting.
The aroma care that colors your everyday life, “Dress Organic”.

A line of organic cosmetics that can be chosen according to your mood,
like choosing clothes to wear for the day.

We do not want organic cosmetics to be difficult and out of reach.
Enjoy the fragrance, enjoy the color and enjoy how your feel on that day…
“VENUS SPA Dress Organic” line uses authentic natural ingredients and natural essential oils and pursues the fun and pleasure in being able to choose.

Formulated with natural essential oils and naturally derived ingredients, products of this line are made with commitments.

Because we want you to feel the goodness throughout the body.
As much as we can, we have used COSMOS ORGANIC certified ingredients, natural essential oils and naturally derived ingredients.
NATURAL ORGANIC, a world standard for cosmetics Authentic organic items with COSMOS ORGANIC certification* that makes you feel gentler and healthier every time you use it.


“VENUS SPA” has been widely loved by both people who do not miss out on any new perfume and those who do not use perfumes often.
I am paying close attention to “Dress Organic” as it expresses its brand concept of “To shine yourself from within with fragrances and plant essences” through natural essences and naturally derived plant ingredients.
With formulation of over 98% naturally derived ingredients, we pursue “fine fragrances” that bring happiness and are free of paraben, silicone, mineral oil, synthetic colorant and ultraviolet absorber. The texture of the products is soft and gentle.
The five fragrances named after fashion can be easily overlapped to create your desired image and double the pleasure of wearing fragrances. *Paraben, Silicon, Mineral Oil, Synthetic Colorant, and Ultraviolet Absorber-free.


Kumiko Ishizuka Profile She is experienced in coverages on leading edge of dermatology, cosmetics trend, local and international makeup artists and cosmetic developers. With natural cosmetics as the theme of her serial publication, she is also involved in the introduction and spread of aromatherapy and organic cosmetics. She feels the importance of self-care from her long experience as a beauty writer and has qualifications for being an instructor of Thai style yoga, “Rusie Dutton” and dietician.

Wearing a fragrance is the reason why everyday sparkles.

Among the fives senses we have, the sense of smell is one that works directly on the brain.
“Wow! That smells good!” a moment when you make a comment without thinking.
Such euphoria is like as if you were in love.
For instance, when you smell bergamot that is used in the earl grey tea fragrance, you will feel cheerful and positive.
A lot of people carry lavender essential oil that has penetrating coolness, like how they carry an amulet that makes them feel relaxed.
It is said that the fragrance of natural rose was used by Cleopatra to win her throne.
An herbal tea of elderflower, also known as an amulet herb, has the sweetness of Muscat grapes that can relieve tension.
The exotic and sweet ylang ylang flowers have been used to create sensual moods since the ancient times.
With the harmony of beautiful fragrances created from natural essential oils and natural fragrances, the skin will be moisturized gently at the same time.
With “Dress Organic”, you will always have a door opened to a beautiful you.