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How to use fragrances
We want men to use fragrances more skillfully and with ease.
With this in mind, we will tell you how to use fragrances well, from the basics to the smart ways to use them.

Basic knowledge of fragrances

Can you tell me about the kinds of fragrances?

The types of fragrances are differentiated by their concentration.
Perfume – Lasts approx. 5-7 hours
Eau de parfum – Lasts approx. 3-5 hours
Eau de toilette – Lasts approx. 2-4 hours
Eau de Cologne – Lasts approx. 1-2 hours
There is also body mist, which lasts approximately an hour.
All RISINGWAVE fragrances are eau de toilette! The scents are not too strong, which suits the Japanese.
(The times are approximate, and may vary slightly)

What do the top, middle, and base notes mean?

The scent changes in three stages.

Top notes – 15-30 minutes from putting on the fragrance
Middle notes – 30 minutes-1 hour from putting on the fragrance
Base notes – 2-3 hours from putting on the fragrance

The middle notes are the most characteristic of the fragrance, so when choosing a scent, give yourself some time, and choose one with middle notes that you like!

What is the basic way to put on a fragrance?

1) Spray twice around 10 cm from the wrist.
2) Lightly place the wrists together.

*Do not rub the wrists. This will break down the scent.

3) Gently dab the wrists on the back of the neck.
This is the basic way to put on fragrance. So that you don’t become accustomed to the fragrance, we recommend you put it on your back rather than in front of your body.

How do I put on fragrance when I want a stronger scent?

Add extra steps to the basic way to put on fragrance.

・Spray 2-3 times overhead and pass through the mist.

・We recommend spraying once at the back of each knee!

How do I put on the fragrance when I don’t want a strong scent?

Don’t put it on the wrists.

・Spray once directly onto the waist or the back of the knees.

・Spray directly onto the ankles once.

With this, you can enjoy a gentle, unassuming scent!

How do I keep the scent from morning to evening?

Try spraying the wrists twice every 2-3 hours!
We recommend spraying the fragrance before going out, after lunch, and after work or school.
It is good to have TWIST FRAGRANCE as it is convenient to carry around.

Are there any places where I shouldn’t apply fragrance?

Do not apply it to places that sweat easily, like the underarms and palms, and also the face and directly onto clothing.
It will stain your clothes.

Which scent should I buy if I’m just about to start using fragrance?

If you are a beginner, we recommend a scent which has a good balance between freshness and sweetness!
Of the RISINGWAVE fragrances, FREE (LIGHT BLUE) is consistently the most popular. Be sure to give it a try.

Is it okay to apply fragrance after playing sports?

It’s fine as long as you thoroughly wipe away sweat! It is even better if you use an odorless antiperspirant before applying the fragrance.

Can I use different fragrances at the same time?

You can, if the scents go well with each other! Combining different scents is an advanced technique. Enjoy combining fragrances!
It is good to apply them in different places such as the wrists and neck, and the ankles and wrists!
Be sure to check the recommended RISINGWAVE combinations!


Which is the most popular?

RISINGWAVE FREE (LIGHT BLUE) is consistently the most popular!
It has a casual yet clean scent, and is enjoyed by both men and women.

Can women use it too?

Of course! We have many unisex RISINGWAVE fragrances.
If you like a sweet scent, we recommend FREE (SUNSET PINK); and if you want a more refreshing scent, FREE (AZURE BLUE) would be great.

Can high school students wear the fragrances?

Of course! We hope that the number of young men who care about wearing fragrance as they care about fashion and hairstyles increases!
But be sure to obey your school’s rules!

What combination of scents do you recommend?

FREE (LIGHT BLUE) + FREE (AZURE BLUE) gives a fresh, steely scent.

FREE (SUNSET PINK) + ZERO gives a refreshing fruity scent.

FREE (LIGHT BLUE) + FREE (CORAL WHITE) gives a light shampoo scent.

These are just some of the combinations! Think of the image you want to create and try a combination yourself!

Which RISINGWAVE fragrances are recommended for each season?

Spring: TRANSOCEAN SURGE BLUE, which is refreshing and fruity
Summer: WILL, which is refreshing and citrusy
Fall: FREE (SUNSET PINK), which is sweet and fruity
Winter: TRANSOCEAN, which is floral and suits the clear air

We recommend FREE (LIGHT BLUE) for those who want to wear fragrance regardless of the season!

Which RISINGWAVE fragrance should I get if I want to bring it with me when I go out?

It is light, strong, and compact, so it is convenient to carry around.
You can twist and spray it with one hand, so you can apply it whenever and wherever you want.

Which fragrance do you recommend as a present for a man?

It’s a good idea to choose a series that matches his image.
FREE series for an invigorating man
TRANSOCEAN series for a mischievous man
WILL series for a mature man
And the ZERO series for a sophisticated man!