The shortest route to a favorable impression, created by healthy skin and a refreshing scent


The shortest route to a favorable impression

What are the conditions for making a favorable impression as a man?
Fashion sense? Hairstyle? His way of speaking, or his smile?
Of course, these are important, but first comes “cleanliness”.
Having healthy skin and a refreshing scent, a sense of cleanliness which anyone can easily achieve, is the shortest route to making a favorable impression.
With just a little grooming, you become a little more confident than usual.
“Grooming” is not about making yourself look good to others. It is a tool that allows you to live in your own style.

Cleanliness is a common concept

People have different opinions on what a good-looking man is like. However, if they hear the phrase “a man with a sense of cleanliness”, everyone should see the same image. Hairstyle, fashion, skin health, fragrance…

A sense of cleanliness is created and formed through the accumulation of each kind of usual care. If you just pay attention to one of these, the impression you give changes completely. Cleanliness can be achieved by anyone with a little effort, and can be appreciated by everyone. That is why we want you to make skincare and fragrance a part of your life, instead of shying away from it.

“Grooming = skincare and fragrance” is no longer a concept just for women; it is a necessity for both sexes.

Developer interviews

The developers talk about “male grooming”

What was the common thought of the developers of the skincare brand BULK HOMME and the fragrance brand RISINGWAVE?

Product Planning Department Chief

Natsumi Nishimura

One of the first members of BULK HOMME. After working in various departments such as wholesale and branding, she was appointed chief of product planning.

FITS Corporation K.K.
Product Planning Creative Manager

Natsumi Aihara

Responsible for product planning at RISINGWAVE since 2015. She has worked on many top-selling products for men.

Skincare is necessary for both men and women

BULK HOMME’s Nishimura:

BULK HOMME’s concept is about “THE BASICS”. Unlike the body, the face cannot be hidden by clothes. It is said that “the face is a business card”. Even so, there are many men who do not do anything with their faces. Healthy and trouble-free skin leads to confidence.

Skincare is not only for women. I want people to feel that it is one way to create a sense of cleanliness and a favorable impression for both men and women. I don’t want men to be put off by the word “skincare”. In order for BULK HOMME to be a leader in the field, we will grow as a brand in which people recognize that men’s skincare basics = BULK HOMME. Through men’s beauty, we will invigorate the men of the world and society.

Wearing fragrance that suits the Japanese is the shortest route to a favorable impression


RISINGWAVE holds up the ideal of “comfort for the wearer and surrounding people, fragrance that suits the Japanese.” Fifteen years ago, the main fragrances were those imported from abroad. Many had a strong scent and were fragrances which didn’t suit Japanese men.

That’s why others thought the scent was too strong. People would often cause discomfort for others through strong scents. If one wears a comfortable scent which suits the body odor and preferences of the Japanese, one emits a sense of cleanliness. This leads to liking oneself more, and feeling more confident. Wearing RISINGWAVE fragrances is the shortest route to a favorable impression. Fragrance is a luxury item that would set you apart from the people around you.

Common thought

We want people to like themselves and have more confidence through skincare and fragrance. We want people to feel confident enough to take the next step. For example, taking the next step in love, or aiming for a goal, improving communication in the workplace or at school. We want people to be able to act in their own way in their daily lives through the step-by-step accumulation of confidence. We want to help them do that. That is the wish of BULK HOMME and RISINGWAVE.